Birdcraft and the upcoming week

I spent a rather uneventful (as expected) morning migrant-wise at the Birdcraft earlier. The wet and chilly conditions coupled with the total lack of movement the past night were the primary factors in this. It was, however, awesome to get out after having been cooped up in the hospital for a week.

The highlights of my hour and a half of birding the sanctuary grounds included my FOY House Wren, as well as Eastern Towhee (breeds), Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, ‘Yellow’ Palm Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

As is often the case, the Yellow-rumped Warblers foraged at a variety of levels, including quite low in the pondside vegetation providing very nice, extended views of their beautiful (and often under-appreciated) spring garb.

A few photos below:

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Northern Flicker

White-throated Sparrow (likely banded at Birdcraft)

The next few days are also shaping up to be quite interesting. As I tweeted yesterday afternoon, we’re entering the prime time for southern overshoots with the system we just experienced increasing that potential. Blair Nikula delved into further detail on the subject last night on MASSBird.

So get out there and go birding! Check your local migrant traps (especially along the coast) as well as any patch of open water for any interesting non-passerines. It may be worth noting that the Birdcraft is a bona fide spot for an overshoot, especially in this case. Its proximity to the coast and varied micro-habitats fit the bill perfectly for a variety of southern breeders, from Prothonotary (lots of terrific pondside vegetation!) to Yellow-throated Warbler (think the areas with tall oaks).


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2 Responses to Birdcraft and the upcoming week

  1. Elaine Abrams says:

    Off to the Cape this weekend for some birding…

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