This crazy time of year

Well….it’s that time of year again….final exams are here once again! Due to the fact that I missed quite a bit of school this year, the majority of my exams will be taken at the end of the summer, although I’ll be taking my Spanish final on time this week. Thus, much of my time during the past day has been spent indoors. However, because I only have one exam this week, I was able to spend an enjoyable half-day birding on both Saturday and Sunday, looking for my arch nemesis: Black-billed Cuckoo. Saturday saw me starting early at the Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area in Easton/Weston before moving up to Schaigticoke Road in Kent. On Sunday, I once again returned to gorgeous Kent, this time hitting River Road with Brendan Murtha and his dad, Sean.

Look for an upcoming post on what was a crazy weekend! Also, I have neglected to post about the Fairfield Big Day, again due to exam pressures, so stay tuned for that as well.

While songbird migration is dying down, shorebird migration is just heating up. Expect a post or two in the coming week about this week’s shorebirding. Just like I did last year, I’m planning on taking breaks every now and then from studying to hit the reef and Ash Creek. Still need Semipalmated Sandpiper for the year!

Looking past the exam, I have a few exciting things planned for the summer, which I’ll certainly detail in an upcoming post.

I know, I know continuing promises of posting. “Will he actually come through?” you might be asking. We shall see!


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  1. elaine abrams says:

    Excellent update!

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