Upcoming Adventures

My apologies for the lack of posts in the past fifteen days; apart from recovering from surgery and trying to get back into somewhat of a normal life, there hasn’t been much time for birding, nor have I felt much up to it. Sure, I’ve still been vigorously doing what I call ‘computer-birding’ (reading blogs and various internet articles), but for the most part my time in the field has been limited to a couple of jaunts around the yard. That is all about to change, however, as I gear up for what should be one of the most exciting fifteen-day period of birding I’ve experienced.

During the period of time between July 19th and August 5th, I’ll be taking part in two very exciting bird-related pursuits. The first will be the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s ‘Young Birders Weekend’, held from July 19th – July 22nd. (To read more about the weekend click here.) The second, and undoubtedly what is probably to become the highlight of my year, is my first trip to California, joined by my dad. In addition to catching one or two Mets-Padres games and exploring the coast north and south of the Bay area, we’ll also be spending much of our time chasing down California specialties, including taking a Shearwater Journeys pelagic out of Half Moon Bay.

My dad and I have taken some awesome trips together, and I’m sure this one will be just as good, if not even better, than the others. I’ve spent the last few days planning and researching the trip, and I’m starting to get pretty pumped for what’s in store. I’m planning to post a summary of the Young Birders Event as well as the California trip while I return, but, knowing my past habitats with trip summaries, I’m hoping it will be for real this time.


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3 Responses to Upcoming Adventures

  1. Helen says:

    Awesome news, Alex! Was just thinking about you last night and hoping you were doing OK since you hadn’t posted in awhile. Enjoy your wonderful trips; can’t wait to read your reports! – Best, Helen

  2. Betsy Hermann says:

    Hi Alex,

    Glad to hear that you are recovered from your recent surgery and have 2 birding adventures to plan. The anticipation of a trip to me is half the fun.

    I had a small adventure this past week. While paddling the kayak in Rangeley Lake, I noticed something green floating in the water. The most beautiful moth I’d ever seen appeared to be doing the dead man’s float. Once I got the moth in my kayak, he/she was still alive. The moth was placed among the plantings along the beach, and he had the strength to crawl up an iris leaf to dry his wings. No movement was noticed all afternoon. In the early evening we decided to take a moon light paddle as well as check on our moth, who turned out to be a Luna Moth after a little computer research. Much to our delight he flew off as the sun was setting. A wonderful ending. for all. The Luna moth only has a life expectancy of 7 days. They are born without any mouth and only live to breed. Nature is just so incredible. I’m thinking this Luna Moth had 2 lives!

    Happy birding and look forward to more of “Flight of the Scrub Jay” emails.

    Betsy and Bruce.

  3. Deanna Becker says:

    You will have an incredible birding vacation in California. You will love it–it is a truly beautiful state. I’m sure you’re on the way to NY now–have a great time while at Cornell. Look forward to your blog about it and also some photos. Deanna

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