60+ birders enjoying a juvenile Wood Sandpiper in Jamestown, RI this past weekend

Last Sunday, Jim Orrico and I took advantage of a rare free day (at least on my part) to chase a juvenile-plumaged Wood Sandpiper in Jamestown, Rhode Island

Found by Carlos Pedro the day before, this stunner represents what I believe to be only the third record for the East Coast of the United States (Rye, NY, DE, RI…?).

Wood Sandpiper (Tringa glareola); almost like a cross between a Lesser Yellowlegs and a Solitary Sandpiper. Wish we could enjoy as many European shorts as Euros do Americans!

Positive reports from both days this weekend mean that this bird has now stayed a week at its present location. Due to the fact that it takes a lot of  ‘fuel’ to make it back and forth across the Atlantic, does this suggest it arrived just before it was discovered, as opposed to a few days or even weeks before? Or could the site fidelity this individual is demonstrating be due to the fact that this location could be a potential wintering site (like the NY Spotted Redshank years ago)? I suppose only time will tell…

Perhaps the basis of this conjecture is the fact that I’m used to vagrant shorebirds remaining for relatively brief periods, at least opposed to other vagrant groups.

Other highlights while waiting for the Wood Sandpiper to appear included a juvenile-plumaged Tricolored Heron and both Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs for comparison.


[eBird checklist]

Marsh Meadows Preserve

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1 Response to WOOD SAND!!

  1. Deanna Becker says:

    What a treat to be able to see such a rare bird. It is really beautiful–so thankful that there are birders who record and report sightings of uncommon birds. Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Love, Deanna

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