Pre-Sandy birds and thoughts

After getting some things done at home, I was able to get out for a little jaunt today, both to check for any birds of note and to get a peek at the current situation around town.

My first stop was my grandfather’s house along Pine Creek Beach. The waters offshore were relatively calm, and (at that time) the wind remained rather subdued. Birds of note included 7 Common Loon (including three birds right in front of the house) and a flyby Red-throated Loon heading east.

I then headed across town to Ash Creek Open Space. Surprisingly, there was still quite a bit of passerine action going on and I was able to pick up a few nice highlights including 2 Purple Finch, 1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet, 1 Northern Harrier, 3 Laughing Gull, and a probable flyover Rusty Blackbird.

Making my way to Jennings Beach, I noted three Black-crowned Night-Herons in Oyster Marsh.

Jennings was quieter than other stops, and the increasingly strong wind gusts, coupled with my eagerness to return home, made my visit brief.

Besides the trip to Pine Creek Beach and then from Pine Creek to Ash Creek, I walked for the entire duration of my outing. This allowed me to observe the comings-and-goings of many individuals as they prepared for the storm.

Some were quickly moving boats out of the South Benson Marina, while others were boarding up their homes. Still others were taking advantage of a last spell of calm and walking the beaches and nearby areas.

It’s certainly strange to walk through scenes like these and wonder what the status of things is going to be like 48 hours from now, pondering what shape the beaches and homes will be in, or whether or not the actual large-scale geography of Fairfield will have been permanently altered.

Not long ’til we find out…


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2 Responses to Pre-Sandy birds and thoughts

  1. Helen Iwanik says:

    Good luck up there, Alex! Hope you all stay safe, especially your grandfather’s house which sounds like it’s near the water. Here on the Outer Banks it’s been quite a ride.

  2. David Grandgeorge says:

    Post Sandy there may be some unusual birds carried from the south by the big storm! I am your uncle, Brian Orrico’s pastor, and a bird watcher. Brian told me about your sight. Good work!

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