Long time…

It has definitely been a while since my last post. Between surgery and other personal matters, my birding has taken a bit of a hit this summer. I’m hoping to get into the swing of things when it comes to regular postings in the next couple of weeks.

Hope you’re all having a great summer!


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4 Responses to Long time…

  1. marcy klattenberg says:

    Hi Alex,

    So glad that you’re back. This has been a strange summer and I am wondering if you have heard anything about a lack of pelagics – in BI, RI Sounds and the Vineyard Sound. We were out for a month and never even saw a Wilson’s petrel! We did see 3 Cory’s shearwaters (one was sitting on the water) but nothing else. The biggest excitement was a very large leatherback sea turtle last Monday in BI Sound as we made our way back to Westbrook. We also observed 6 yellow-crowned night herons at Andy’s Way last Friday. It was the beginning of migration there and we also had semi-palmated plovers and sandpipers, short-billed dowitchers, lesser yellowlegs, black-bellied plovers, and willets. Hope you are back out birding now that the weather has cooled off a bit. I wish you all the best. Marcy

  2. Betsy says:

    Hi Alex,

    So happy you are back into your birding. I’ve missed your posts. The Loons are calling as I type this note. Music to my ears. I think they are happy you are getting back into your birding mode too.

    Happy Everything!
    Big Hugs from Rangeley,
    Betsy and Bruce too

  3. Deanna says:

    When this popped up in my e-mail I got the feeling that “God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world”. This is a reminder that all things get back to normal–and reading Scrub Jay is a big part of my normal everyday activity. So happy to see you’re back in the groove! I’ve missed your blog!

  4. I’m so happy to see you posting, Alex. Keep improving and exercising that shoulder and you’ll soon be out in the field again.
    Kathy VDA

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