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2/28 – HOARY REDPOLL, Fairfield

3/5 Note: After a lengthy period of discussion and review of photos, we have concluded that this bird is actually a Common Redpoll, instead of a Hoary as originally thought. 3/2 Note: We are still trying to wrestle with the … Continue reading

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1/11 – 1/12: Fairfield Continues to Shine

I enjoyed another awesome weekend of birding in my awesome hometown, Fairfield, CT. Starting from foggy Saturday morning to windy Sunday evening, I birded more-or-less nonstop, putting together a nice total of species for the weekend, and noting a number … Continue reading

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1/9 – BARNACLE GOOSE, Fairfield

Barnacle Goose has been on my radar as a Fairfield birder for a couple of years now, beginning with the banded Scottish bird in Westport a few years back. That bird never made it across the border, but the saga … Continue reading

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1/5 – Penfield Reef Barrow’s

I received a call from James Purcell late morning on Sunday to alert me to a Northern Pintail in the vicinity of his house at the Penfield Reef. Despite the extremely treacherous and icy road conditions, I couldn’t resist heading … Continue reading

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12/21 – Fairfield to Madison

Jim Orrico and I spent the greater part of Saturday, the 21st, birding the Connecticut coastline, from our hometown of Fairfield east to Madison. Our primary goals for this day of birding were to catch up with a number of … Continue reading

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11/27 – 11/29: Thanksgiving Birding

Thanks to a break in the treatment schedule, my family was able to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend at our cottage in Cape Cod. Having sold our beloved house in Yarmouthport just the year before, we ended up buying a wonderful abode just … Continue reading

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11/16 – 11/17: ROSS’S GULL, QC

Jim Orrico and I spent an unbelievable weekend in Chambly, Québec, enjoying a brilliant adult Ross’s Gull (Rhodostethia rosea) (French: Mouette rosée), that had been present in the area since November 10th or so. It was the first of these long, action-packed … Continue reading

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