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First Fairfield Survey! 11/7-11/8

Was out of the hospital this weekend and decided against going out of state (just wasn’t feeling up to it) so I decided to stay in town and survey instead. I ended up walking 12 miles for this survey-now I … Continue reading

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Farifield Counts-New Idea

Back sitting here in the hospital but a new idea has emerged in my head during the past few days. There are a few spots in Fairfield that I bird pretty regularly. They include: Ash Creek, South Pine Creek, Sherman … Continue reading

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Quiet Day of Birding

Birded up the coast today and visited Ash Creek, St. Mary’s By the Sea, Seaside Park, and Hammo. Rather quiet on the Fairfield/Bridgeport front-surprising. Not too many ducks. At Hammo it was quiet as well except for a flock of … Continue reading

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